GCBF Post-Mortem

Well, the kettles are clean, the extension cords are dusted off, the carboys are full and the yeast’s been pitched.  We made it through twenty gallons of brews at the beer fest.

I had a great time brewing at the beer festival this year.  What made it so great was hanging out with and meeting the other homebrewers from around the island.  Thanks to Luke, Neil, Michael and John who worked the tent with me.  It was great having your help over the weekend.  I had a short conversation at the end of Saturday night with Gerry and he’s happy to have us back next year, so let’s think about how we can improve the whole experience.

For those of you who stopped by the tent, we’re really hoping that BrewVIC fills the homebrewing club gap in the Victoria and on the Island.  There are so many of us here – I met guys from all over the island (from as far away as Ucluelet), we can surely build a great group that will ultimately help us all make better beer (and have a great time making that better beer).  Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in contributing to our group.

Look for BrewVIC meetings in early October and definitely a November meeting for ‘Learn to homebrew day’.  Sean Hoyne has generously offered space in the parking lot of his new brewery (located across a parking lot from Driftwood) for that meeting.

We’ll do a tasting of the fest beers (a Best Bitter and American Pale Ale) at the ‘Learn to homebrew day’ event – let’s hope not too much dust from the ball field made it into the wort.


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