CAMRA X-mas Party IPA Recipe

If you’re interesting in replicating the beer served at this year’s CAMRA Christmas Party, try this homebrew recipe.  This is a Firestone Walker Union Jack clone.

For 5 US gallons…

6.3kg Pale Malt 81.9%
100g Carastan 1.3%
900g Munich 11.8%
380g Carapils 5%

Mash at 145F for 60m, 155F for 10m, then mash out 

90 minute boil

28g Warrior 7%AA at 90m
18g Cascade 7%AA at 30m
18g Centennial 10.5%AA at 30m
52g Cascade at 0m
52g Centennial at 0m

Whirlpool for 20 minutes (with the 0m hops), then chill to pitching temp. 

Chill to 65F and pitch Wyeast 1968 London ESB.  Over the next two weeks, raise to 72F. 

44g Centennial dry hop dose 1 (on day 3)
44g Cascade dry hop dose 1

30g Cascade dry hop dose 2 (on day 7)
30g Centennial dry hop dose 2
14g Amarillo dry hop dose 2
14g Simcoe dry hop dose 2

Transfer to keg and carbonate or prime and bottle.

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