National Homebrewers Conference – June 21-23

The American Homebrewers Association’s 2012 National Homebrew Conference is quickly approaching.  Brewing with Bigfoot will be taking place in Seattle (Bellevue) from June 21-23.

The NHC is an amazing event that is put on by homebrewers for homebrewers.  The conference features two streams of conference presentations presented by pro & amateur brewers, authors, chefs and industry heavy-weights who are all there to help you improve the beer that you brew. Each evening of the conference there’s an amazing event: Pro Night (where local commercial brewers serve their finest to conference goers – imagine GCBF without the tokens); Club Night (where local homebrew clubs serve their best and most creative brews), and; the Closing Banquet (a gourmet dinner that’s paired with Rogue Ales is served while the prizes for the National Homebrew Competition are awarded).

Many of us in BrewVIC would love to participate in Club Night, but bringing beer (in the required quantities) over the border presents many challenges (both legally and financially).  The solution to these challenges is very ‘homebrew’ in its spirit: “Brewers Without Borders”.

The idea being, we will collaborate with homebrew clubs in Washington to go down and brew in Washington.  The WA brewers handle the ferment and packaging, then on the way to the conference, we pick-up and bring the collaborative beers and serve at Club Night.  We’ll likely be brewing in April/May.

In order for us to commit our participation with the Washington State brew clubs, we need to know if you are going to participate.  Please do so in the forum.

Last year, almost 2000 homebrewers attended the conference, and this year’s conference will sell out yet again.  Conference registration opens February 1 and if you plan to attend, plan to register as early as possible.

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