August Event: DIY idea swap, Ingredient swap and Pale Ale Tasting

Hey Brewers! Wheh, that’s a long title. But that’s because there’s a lot going on for this meeting. First, the important details:

Date: Sunday August 18th
Time: 2 PM
Location: Dave M’s, 941 McBriar Ave

Alright, and on to the topics. The first part is a DIY idea swap. Everybody has little gadgets they’ve come up with to help their brew day/bottle day/whatnot run more smoothly. This is a great opportunity to share your genius ideas with the rest of the club. I figure we can each give a quick description of the gadget(s) we came up with (maybe even bring it if it is small and that would help the rest of us understand it) and the process involved in making it (equipment needed, etc.). Don’t worry if you don’t have anything or if you feel like your idea is too simple/not that great. As an example I’m planning on talking about my really simple fermentation temperature control for belgian beers and a bottle tree esque device I made to help my bottling. Fell free to post pictures/descriptions of your ideas in the thread as well.

Part 2: Ingredient/unused equipment swap. Many of us have outgrown some early equipment that sits around unused now, or bought a bit more malt/hops than we have a use for. Or maybe we have some yeast harvesters who want to do some trading. So this is a great opportunity to swap some of that stuff. With upcoming harvest season (and therefore harvest beer season), this can fuel a sweet homebrewer-exchange harvest for you to make a brewvic harvest ale (or lager).

Part 3 – The moment you’ve all been waiting for: The first BrewVIC style spotlight! This time we’re focusing on pale ales. So bring the pale ales you’ve worked on and compare with the rest of us. Maybe you can pass down some of your process that made yours stand out or learn how to make some of your favorites. For more on the style spotlight, check out the thread in the forums (

Alright, hope to see you out there on Sunday the 18th!

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