January 2015


Happy Brew Year, BrewVIC. Now that the holidays are over, time to have another get together!

Come over to my new house, check out my new massive brewing space.

In addition to the regular BrewVIC meeting stuff we will be bringing back the style spotlight, with a bit more enthusiasm. The goal of this style spotlight is to designate a style that is encouraged for each meeting for anyone interested to brew and bring (of course, all homebrews of any style are welcomed at every meeting so don’t worry if you didn’t brew the style of the meeting). Dave J will talk briefly about English Milds with a homebrew version or two to share, and then we’ll encourage anyone interested to bring their own version to the March meeting (don’t worry, there will be a reminder) so we can learn from everyone’s recipe and process.

See you then!

25 January at 3pm

head over to the forums or facebook for address

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